Bhaagamathie Telugu Movie Review

Bhaagamathie Telugu Movie Review

Bhaagamathie Telugu Movie Review


Though the name resembles Hyderabad’s then queen, it is something entirely different experience that Anushka is offering with her team for the audience. After having watched the trailer, which reminds you of Arundhati and after the huge hit of Bahubali, audience are expecting more from this movie queen whereas she seems not to compromise herself to make you awestruck with her unbeatable performance.


Bhagmathie is an extraordinary thriller cum comedy which gets the edge of your seats hot!!! While you get goosebumps with Anushka’s ultimate performance you could also get side-splits with Dhanraj’s comedy. Of course, don’t complain on the tears that might roll out of your eyes, for the sentiment in the movie. Bagging the highest ratings, this family entertainer cum thriller unveils the suspense why Chenchela IPS has to become Bhagmathie which carries a social element mixed with a thrilling experience. You might also get suggestions to take your friend along with you if you are a weak heart to withstand Thaman’s piercing background score, who proved himself after a long gap.

Bhagmathie is definitely a movie with a difference. This female oriented story has turned out to be huge success with the work of the whole team in all the 24 frames.



Anushka’s power-packed performance

Thaman’s background score

Strong direction



Leading Stars: Anushka, UnniKrishnan

Others: Jayaram, Asha Sarath, Adhi, Dhanraj, Murali

Direction and screenplay: G. Ashok

Background Music: S.S. Thaman

Cinematography: R. Madhi

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswararao

Producer: Vamsikrishna reddy, Pramod and Gnanavel raj

Production: UV creations and Studio green

Languages: Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam


Ratings: 4.5/5